Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Mgahinga National Park is part of the part of the bigger Virunga Conservation Area, now jointly protected area with Congo and Rwanda. Find the 3 extinct volcanoes.. Mount Sabinyo (3.669 m.), Mount Gahinga (3.474 m.) and Mount Muhavura (4.127 m.). “Mgahinga” is named after Mount Gahinga plus the initial of Mount Muhavura.

There are 76 mammal species recorded, including buffaloes, elephants, bushbucks, golden monkeys, leopards. 115 bird species have been recorded, including Rwenzori turaco, crowned hornbill, black kite and crowned crane. Mgahinga hosts a population of golden monkeys and a few families of mountains gorillas.

Its vegetation variety reaches from medium altidude rainforest at the lowest alditude to afro-alpine moorland at the highest altidude. This diversity of landscape supports a great number of plant and animal species with the Mountain Gorilla as the most prominent one. From the volcanoes which all lie on the Ugandan-Rwandan Border it is possible under good weather conditions to have views deep into Congo, Rwanda and Uganda and to get spectacular impressions of the whole area.

Next to Gorilla tracking Ugandan Wildlife Authority offers other activities like climbing the volcanoes or to track Golden Monkeys, a rare and endemic species to the region. Nature walks are offerd to the Sabinyo Gorge and the Congo Border. Another more cultural experience is to explore the park with guides from the Batwa Community which ones lived in the park. This tour is called the Batwa Trail with demonstration of hunting techinques, gathering of honey and visit of a cave which is sacred to the Batwa. Gorilla tracking is usually less strenuous than in Bwindi, but during the rainy season climbing the volcanoes becomes nearly impossible, due to the slippery and steep ground conditions.

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  • Gorilla tracking
  • Bird watching
  • Volcano climbing.
  • Golden Monkey Tracking